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Thank you everyone for coming to experience love & light with me. Yes! Wildhearts! this is where it gets fun & serious, Yes! It’s where the truth is told, and lies are exposed. This is Nisha, Hey! So glade you could make it on here today to my website to check me out. Check out the personal readings I do offer. I just recently added One Daily Spell simple and easy to do. If your sold on me & desire to know more. Then click Booknow to schedule a private reading. Once you pay for a reading please email me at d@mswildtarot.com this is my business email, or simply click on contact if you pay for the ask 1 Question and 1 answer. So I can email you your answer back quickly.

This is where I share my loving talent across social media. This is also where things become personal & where you are able to BookNow for a private reading with me, very simple. and get your questions answered in many different ways that works for you. To find my private reading scroll down and click on private reading there is where you see the service I offer.

There is magick in the air Wildhearts! if you believe? I found a journal of mines. This is where I kept track of my desire, also what I would like to mainfest monthly, daily, yearly, and lets not forget weekly. I enjoy providing everyone with free readings on my YouTube channel . Thank you so much for your support and love. So… back to me manifesting my desire. What a surprise to see them come true. A year later. However, here is the point behind my goals & manifesting my desires is that so can you manifest,and do it too! It’s all true. All you have to do is believe, the desire to have more, the motivation to focus on the goal at hand, to set your intentions about what do you truly desire the most out of life in this current moment? before you book a reading with me. what is the most important thing to you right now! in life? that has a pressing question mark hanging over your head? your desire to have what you truly want and need. That needs to be answered Now! With Special care along side with a willling ear to listen to your question, allow your heart open up ,and listen closely to it. I will provide you with excellent advice and gudiance. What do you desire?

A Dream lover, A Dream Job, A Dream OF A Lifetime A Goal to be achieved. Healing your broken heart, newness and bold steps. I was shooting to mainfest a goal of a business that would help and assist people. something I love to do daily this is a life style for me helping people we need more. If you came to my site I take it that your searching to for answers and sense my aura is good. Thank you as this means alot to me. I will put both my practical skills and spiritual gifts togather that involve my emotions and understanding by not judging. Yet helping you feeling apart of something bigger. You understand being one with another and understanding your different. I want you to feel welcomed and cared for.

So back to my how I mainfest. I keep a journal at my beside just to see this occur. Magick is real and so is love, your romatic feeling that lead to hurt and pain. “A love of a lifetime story that rival any Hollywood movie on the big screen today. this why people come to me” its complicated & I understand. Being able find a trusted reader who can relate to you, yet also honest. I can do all this. I to had to overcome challenging events in my life that has lead me here with wisdom and patience. I also understand the sensitive subjects in life so many are afraid of even touching the surface of. Deep healing is needed you choosen correctly with me. Motivation and conformation to know your on the right track. Your right again you choose correctly.

My job is to help you understand the healing process in this current moment in your life Always remember the engery is so fluid that things, people, and circumstances do change proven facts of life but we can help it along with love. looking for your prefect moment to make magick happen? Make a dream come true?your at the right place to start with me. Get a lucky break tailored towards your specific storyline and questions. Tarot cards are hidden knowledge confirmation of what you feel and giving you the green light finish your path” or to turn directions. Your choice! as freewill is a gift too.

This is an exciting and excellent way for you to connect with me. Tarot Card Reading is something I would love to do personally for you! It would be a personal pleasure for me to assist you on your journey in life. About me I’m a person who is very empathic. I think with a logical mind I’m always trying to show you the solutions behind the scenes for your particular concerns that you are experiencing in this moment in your personal life.

This is a gift and I appreciate every moment of the service I provide as a light to be a guide as helping you along the right path. My heart is humble and I want you to know that I’am here… to never lose hope.

Please explore my site to see if there anything that stands out. That you be delighted to learn more about My ideal is you that find in me someone you can trust that understands you & your concerns. That makes you feel good about your choice to get a private reading with me.

I’m confident enough you will find something that can be useful out the private reading. Or the blogs I will post time to time. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on Youtube” Facebook, & Twitter. If you found me browsing the web. Welcome its a pleasure to have you. We are all here to be a light in dark moments. Our stories changes other the impact can be great and life changing. Please sign up to follow along. Like and share the page never know when someone will need help or assistant with life events.

Like to know my style of reading. Your also probably Courious about a personal reading . I’am a straightforward reader. I like to know the truth, cut me once tell me the truth. I hope this will aid you in what choice to make when. Deciding to order a Private from me. Make no mistake about it! I’m gentle and sweet about my delivery. Handle people with care and you will see the results pay off. Smile beauitful your life is about to change for the better. It all starts with knowing.


Come inside the circle of love light & Joy.

We are Golden and Our Smiles will remain the same Timeless