We live freely and living Poem

Taken for granted by moment in time
That can’t be capture anymore then the heart stop who wishes to beat again life cease to exist inside me there is something that wants to break threw me in the darkness places where shadow lurks and unspoken words screams no. I wake from a dream wonderful was this is true to my nature or that over a life lived long ago. The light doesn’t exist with out the light, now a glow that comes only from coming from a instant stroke of a moment in time that life. That has now been taken for granted. Now I’am awake and ready for the world meet me and meet me whole and with life inspired by you and by me to pulse me inside a life half lived half fulfilled and her remain completely intact song in moment of bliss and sweet melody of harps that linger long after it has been played for the beat of life keeps me swaying with it blowing me along the way into peace.

Published by Nisha

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