Daily Dose Dedication to excellent June 12,2022 twinflame

Your twin-flame has had a lot on their mind when it comes to you and you may fall under the signs virgo and or Pisces. This person in question may have been battling with money concerns and employment issue as well. And while you are they wish and I post on about making a wish you best things to do in the days leading up to the Sagittarius ♐️ full-moon is to release the need to be right and know everything it almost is the universe giving you a chance and a thought to self correction any thing that has held you back you love life and first move it began with is self love and to stop waiting on opportunity to present itself to show it face and take you by the hand.

What is your heart telling you love or not to be loved is the question. Where control has to go and it does not rule over love if it did wouldn’t our lives be easier? Yes 🙌 but it is not the case when tears 😭 fall out of the reason where pain can be explain to those bystanders who ask why are we broken and why has love forsake our door steps yet we remain inside a bubble of hope and denial and it doesn’t serve us until we break it strong hold on our silent cries for help in a misty room of dust,

Every now and then the sun rises and it alllow hope to drop inside and show us where we can begin to laugh again it can be a simple show on tv and word a friend says anything that change that same old tune playing out inside our heads.

Today your heart ask you to speak up and ask for what you want loud and clear Wildhearts we desire so much more and yet we allow ourselves such little desire other people happiness become our bitter moment don’t allow the control to stop your expression of desire to remain silent. Sing loud and allow the melody 🎼 play over until you feel love 💗

Remember we are golden Wildhearts and our smiles will remain the same timeless. It’s just a 3 letter word right but why does it heal and kill when spoken out of context. It is meant to be used with care.

Your twin flame 🔥 is now understanding this meaning and how much dust they allow to settle on this connection or the lack there of and is ready to start to build a shift from hoping to actually building. I’m one booking away and my mission is to get you to complete wholeness and where you can handle a conversation with heart & mind. http://www.mswildtarot.com

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