Emergency personal Private Reading


This can cover any area of your life that you need to know the answer Now to make the best decision for you.

The pressing concerns can be address now!

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Thank you for contacting mswildtarot Nisha for a private reading This payment comes as a first priority for the service provided. Once you make you payment. Please email me!


the details on how you want your reading phone or video privately uploaded to you. Where only you will be able to view  the content provided to you on YouTube privately. 

Emgerency Reading will run anywhere from 15-30mins depending on what you need service for this is not plannned but it required me to stop what im doing to address your concerns immediately less then 24hrs-48hrs.

this is a window to count in unforeseen events that occurs. This can change at anytime.

no refund is giving once a reading is provided to you.

The emergency reading are done almost right a way. So if there is any concerns on how and when you should receive this reading please email me.

Thank you for taking time to read and understand and agree with the terms and conditions when it comes to purchasing a private reading with mswildtarot.

mswildtarot is not legally responsible for any action taken on your part after given a reading you are agreeing to make your own personal decision and use you own free will after getting a reading with mswildtarot.

if your under age and get a private and you advise you was 18teen was the reading was given mswildtarot is not responsible for your action to do a private reading. all private are for those who are legally 18 teens years of age and older  and you can make there own decision for yourself. The legal disclosure can be updated at the owner own time to fit the needs of demands legally stay in compliance with the law.



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