Love ❤️ tarot ? So Do We ! Book a personal reading.

Private readings for a relationship couple can you trust them do you want to heal it ready to leave. .


This will discuss about your current relationship you are in with your spouse and advice on how to proceed.
Guidance and healing.
Book first.
Than pay you can to check out and then
You will be schedule for A reading.
Thank you for your business. I love
Forward to providing world class advice.


This is a reading tailored towards you and your spouse. Relationship

Pick one below and tell me which one when you pay for the reading all will come with advice cards and guidance 

Is it time to say goodbye. Spread reading?

Are they depleting you?  Spread reading?

Toxic relationships ?spread reading?

Should they be trusted? 

Many more to come here are some spreads I do that are covered by couples and those who are in relationship.


Terms and conditons policy on ordering a Private reading and book now.

You are agreeing that once you make a payment and or book a. Private reading or any service from mswildtarot. Then you decide for any reason to cancel aSchedule appointment. there will be a $5.00 cancellation fee applied to requested refund amount.

Refund are not given back once service is provided.

If your not sure you want to booknow or pay for a reading.

You have two options email me

Or under contact information put your question or concerns there.

  1. and I’m going to run this reading for $50.  You will be charged a cancellation fee flate rate of $5.00 if you choose  to cancel a private reading and or your schedule date.
  2. So example if you schedule a booking on 05/05/2019 at 10.00 and cancel on 05/04/2019 you will be charged a $5.00 cancellation please cancel your schedule appointment 48hrs within the date choosen. which is two days before your appointment time to avoid being charge this fee.
  3. Thank you for considering a private reading and bookinh with me. Hope this clears up any concerns you have about booking cancelling and refund.






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