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Today we have the card with is asking us to check in with out bodies are we really taking care of it and are we moving on auto pilot? Well either way life is sweet and sometimes it requires to take s moment to feel it crying out to us. Same way our bodies asked us to look within that is causing this uncomfortable feeling. We also maybe faced with challenges around mother hood and our own mother and the way she speak to us the meaning is so much deeper.

This will be a prefect time just 30 mins she not asking much to do some cleaning. I know sometime when I鈥檓 walking I find things that can injure other or hurt myself I pick up trash remove rocks from out the street and make people aware of danger 鉀旓笍 that maybe around them we cannot connect to source of the earth if we constantly running ourselves down. And we can also connect to our own mother if we constant being shut down and told not to speak 馃棧. ? Where is it at the pain where you haven鈥檛 been able to up open up and express the desire you hold and be okay if even the person you respect to the most decline to support you in your efforts.

This is also hitting on the fact that you are not lazy and taking time until inspiration strikes to you doesn鈥檛 mean your lazy. This is allowing your body to connect to the heart and what is truly desire to be a peace as this is such Taurus 鈾夛笍 Engery in the land smelling the flowers minding your business & then here comes this loud noise screaming in your ear why aren鈥檛 you doing anything. Allow that to fade always and take a moment for you.

Slow down is the message and for the next few years we are adjusting to it and also we are also adjusting to the feeling of not seeking revenge for it will get you no where with the north nodes in Taurus 鈾夛笍 it鈥檚 all about compassion carting and being supportive, & if the people who are in your life refuse to be supportive and cause you pain then remove the discord in your life and find your happy place once again. Today is about tranquility.锟

Like the overflowing waterfall inside this picture present in this message allow your imagination to overflow once again.

Wildhearts welcome 馃 thank you again for allowing me to guide your mind into a wonderful place of mediation. We often find ourselves in a world where we have so many excuses we rarely find the right one to feeling at ease with out pressure. The gift today is to do just that allow yourself not to feel guilty for wanting to just relax that is it and that is all.

Remember we are golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless




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