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Welcome to wholeness

They realize how many people was afraid of negotiation how many people are afraid of now how many people afraid to not get what they want I really understand and a lot of people do not have the power of persuasion, moderation negotiation, or a compromise the worst you can hear if you ask for something it’s now it’s not that complicated and everybody hates Harry now that’s the difference between great leaders and people that make a change because they want to make a change out $1000. I don’t want to stay then on the hard one now and stop at that point and they lie so no, that’s not me not never no, that’s not me give up forever no simply means that I cannot do what you’re requesting for me. At this time we can reconvene six months to a year down the road, my people afraid of no

This is meant for you

🥰Welcome to wholeness 🥰

Welcome to wholeness 🪄this is a journey to acceptance & peace of the inner temple .

Love and light


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