Private reading disclosure please read Thank you

Its a pleasure you have decided to order a private reading with me all your information will remain confidential.

Once you order a reading please go to booknow and schedule you an appointment.

I will email you 3 times in order to place you on calendar.

Once I have made attemps 3 times.

If you ask for a refund you will not receive it. This mean you are infiltrating my business.

At this time im not taking a lost becauss you failed to respond or follow the rules set to get your private reading.

Sales that I decide to give hold the same time fram 3 business days after payment.

Unless you like to pay for an emergency reading$150.00 which will then allow you access within 24 hours to get you service now and fast.

If you don’t ask for a refund within 24hours after purchase. You will not be refunded.

You decide you don’t want a private reading after you paid. You have 24 hours to cancel or no refund. You will only be fully refunded your money within 24 hours after that no refund. Even then within 24hours if you decide to ask for your money back then you will only get half the amount back 50%

This is to protect my business mswildtarot and you from fraud.

Once you pay for a reading and I e-mail you 3 times no response even after you have paid in attempt to set you up to get a reading. You will not be refunded. No refunds ever. Meaning once you pay go schedule your appointment under booking now. Its simple to do and if you have issue or concerns email me. But you should be able to do it just fine.

When order keep in mind the type of reading and means and which you can get it.

Video, phone, email.

What type of reading are you looking for?

On my website

Directions on booking a appointment below.

You will

Other pay opitions are
paypal- Mswildtarot
Or I can send you a invoice with the price once you book.

Other Payment Options and donation

Or my cashapp. $mswildlove

Please provide this infotmation inside
Book now as well…

How would you like you private reading to be delivered? Opition are a private uploaded video on YouTube label private for your eyes only a link will be email to you, or by telephone?
Please provide your choice once you book with booking details. Or by email under contact me.

Readings that are schedule can be ready in 72hrs to32hrs which is 3-4 business days.

Prices for private readings and timeflame.

Timeframes can be 2 weeks to 1 month out.

Any further will cost $20.00 more for each month

Singles reading $40- T~15-20 mins
Couples reading $50- T~20-25 mins
Twinflame Reading $75 T~45 mins
What are they doing an ex T~$30 10-15 mins

One question one answer is $10.00- I will answer you, yes! or no!. You Will be email back within less then 24 hours yes or no.
Self healing $30.00 T~15mins
Details about your questions below.

Emergency reading are $150~20-45 mins

This will be available in 24 hrs-48hrs depending on demands of readings.

With emergency just pay and send an email
No booking needed just details and
Contact me make payment note
In contact me form emgercery reading
I will send you the invoice and prepare the
Reading in timeframe 24hrs. First priority.

Alll video readings are only available for

7 days then they are removed from YouTube.

Enjoy them while they are available

1)If your single would you like to know more? About a person coming in?
About who you will be meeting with?
With in a time frame.

2) relationship reading about you and your
Parthnership whats is the main issue benefits and how to proceed to fix resolve your concerns. Please provide as much information as possible.

3) twinflame is definitely where you want to know when you and your twin flame may come in union? will they or you will be in contact in certain timeframe.

4) self healing is going on what you can focus on in your healing process. We will
Go over all your chakras.

5) what are they doing checking in on how your ex feels about the connection?.

This are the basic.

Timeframes are your choices to choose
From 2 weeks to one month.

Anything like a 6 months to look into or a change in private reading will cost you an extra $20.00 to change other then this enjoy .

Once I have provide private reading service.
No refund ever on private readings.

Furture products coming only private readings currently.

If you need to seek professional advice medically or legally please seek it out in those fields professionally.

This is for spiritual guidance.

Thank you Mswildtarot also Nisha