Mswildtarot treats on you today to fates events

Today I look up and realize when life has given you some hard times it means more about how you are handling it everyday. These stairs are a way of showing the you can still look up and know there will be some end to the story and knowing that as you climb up to the chosen next step in your life will be vital as you choose your next direction. With the wheel of fortune card of fate things can change in a instant. The wheel of fortune is related to the sign Sagittarius who is a wise seer and always has a way of seeing the softer side of life and funny as well. Are you Sagittarius ♐️? Never mind this wheel also has all fixed signs on it and Capricorn rules the 10th house of structure. Have you taken time to make your life the best you can within the confines. Scorpio is the sign associated with the 8th of other people money and you may have a huge payment coming to you. Leo rules the 5th house and love could be in the air go out laughter will be grand. Taurus is associated with the 2 house which is what we value but you a next item you have done the work saved and now you deserve the reward. Aquarius is associated with the 11th house a friend may just ended doing something very wonderful. Also wishing and drama comes true all these signs is stubborn and they like to control events in there life where are you not allowing fate to have it hand in your life? I know once we face our fears we feel better 😘

The wheel of fortune is like having an opportunity to change your faith it’s also associated with your destiny & your ability to be able to take advantage of the fated events that will show up at your door steps. In this way life always throw us curved ball.

The message is that you are going up and sometimes you take a few steps backwards and then you may need to start again. If life throw you a curve ball you wasn’t expect how will you catch it? Or will you strike out. Let’s hope even I’m missing the catch that you will stand back up to do it again. That is life and then it’s times when you hit a home run leading everyone to home base.

Remember Wildhearts we are Golden and our Smiles Will Remain The Same Timesless. As the saying goes with the wheel of fortune 🔮 Fortune favors the bold. If you are feeling lost in your life and looking for answer please book. Personal reading with you will not regret it go check out the wonderful reviews left from the clients who has enjoyed my services. As always it’s doesn’t cost you anything to be kind.

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