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Time to reconsider July 2019

A time to reconsider

So we meet the falling of life as we know it. Sitting at the top looking off in the distance satisfaction seem to pass through your thoughts as everyone seem to be tucked safely and sound to sleep. Sipping on the tea the breeze of the winds blows towards you. looking at the blinds it seems to brings us back to a time when as a child, we would just run freely with not a care in the world. If the blinds would break? how much would it cost us to fix such a little incident. Suddenly a grin forms on yourface in sweet memory of child hood carelessness. No time for such things as life has became busy and we think back to the gas bill that is due in 2 days among the toilet that has been messed up, causing more headache for you then needed.this has been an issue for 2 weeks. everyone has been complaining about how they can’t use the restroom. More worry slips in after of a brief moment of peace. Slipping on the nice ice cold glass of tea you begin to imagine a life worry free, yet it’s hard to imagine it without a lot of money. Then we look up at the trees watching the the squirrels play. It Catches our attention how when we played tag. We you got touch or tagged! it was your time to chase. Almost as adult we chase and once caught we start the chasing only it doesn’t end in laughter and joy but heart ache and pain. Wondering where they started and we stopped! chasing our dreams and happiness a cause for pause with a change in direction . The truthful pain about adulthood Along with those kind of stories our parent told us about enjoying being a kid, has pierced the thoughts of what has truly been missing for so long. The wind blows has a comforting feel to it. It cool and crisp the kind of coldness that makes you want to have a some hot chocolate. When we came outside considering the day it was filled with worry. Silents has a way of revealing peace that was once missed through the busy day of errands and stressed related issue that grabs at you and not peace for the worried. Now as you imagine your self here what pieces has been placed by hectic life what haven’t you been able to dip your toes in and the lay your head down on and open your heart to?