Admit it you hurt them too

They came in asking many question blank was the answered given and full of grief how can you ask for what is hidden and how can you reveal what has been sheltered from what is so brutally honest there is no love in fear and no honor in lying yet the fantasy is better than Fiction.this daydream has turned into nightmare and the only one who is screaming is the demon locked up in the night time. While smiles show you one thing the souls is tainted and drain from the monster in the night. Love is only for movie stars and even they are playing a role the isn’t based in reality. So when life has shown you its ugly face to you. How do you face the mirror staring right back at you. calling everyone else a monster have you forgotten to look down at your hands to see how many cookies you where stealing, because it taste so sweet and because you can make another batch you thought no one would notice the first batch has already been eaten. you claim to be ascended and that you can’t hurt anyone yet your wrong is no better then the next. self analysis is much needed. it is much easier to say the other person is the reason for your default in life. Smile this your moment of truth that in order to admit that you can be loved is to admit that you have been the villain in this same love story that has caused you so much grief and it doesn’t matter about the point of not cheating or step out on your spouse when was the first day you stop believing this can even be a relationship and stop listening and started demanding your way the heart is fragile and need much care but did you handle them with care or are you only looking at it from your point of view and face with the truth will your ego not allow you to say from a place of love in truly sorry that I couldn’t see where I ended and you begin and that I got lost in the moment of have what I want that what your consider to make you happy just didn’t matter to me that much it the cold truth that will help you love from a place where selfishness doesn’t not exist but a mutual understanding can form and be place. This can not come from fear it must come from a place of truly loving what is need to transform what is. Love is unconditional and without rules and it this is the secret to true love and even threw all pain and pleasure the person still holds your heart and you can greet them from a place of kindness is where you have earned you wing to be mature and have finally reached adulthood where are difference doesn’t define how we love each other and how people view us does add pressure on how we shall love each other and the things we see shall not determine how we act toward one another. Tell me are you fighting with the light or are you struggling with the darkness. Choose your side and stick with it you will be surprised at how wonderful life can be if you just love you and fully accept what and who you truly are sugar mixed with a-little bit of spice.

Tarot love