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Daily Dose for twinflames September weekly 12th 2019

This is for all the twinflames out there there is a closing of the separation that has been to long you have a deep connection to the person you love and have now a rare opportunity to reconnect to them your Devine masculine there will been signs showing up pay attention you have been waiting with your heart on hold to this union and they are coming to shorter the distance enjoy the news to those have this rare opportunity to find the one you truly desire

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Daily Dose of twin flames weekly message

Your twin and you are both recovery from behavior and need separated. This is a time to rejoin the world this week and going after what your heart desire and consideration of what you truly want both of you. The heart is need of healing.

10 of swords says that your both have had some Terrible betrayals occur and ashamed to admit it. This was something that was apart of your journey to love one another deeply. The queen of wands is here you when you finish healing your coming back with your head and heart in the game of life and they are two the passion for each other has been burning and with the outcome being the knight of cups. Falling in love all over again. Your ready so are they but it takes two to connect the dots.

Wildhearts the golden years are upon you. Enjoy what you have created will be timeless as love is infinite in when you love is shall never die