Mswildtarot Welcome WildHearts πŸ’–

Welcome WildHearts πŸ’–

THANK YOU EVERYONE for coming to experience love & light with me. Yes! Wildhearts! this is where it gets fun & serious, Yes! It’s where the truth is told, and lies are exposed. This is Nisha, Hey! So glade you could make it on here today!

My life mission is to empower the collective. Where showing is believing on how overwhelming obstacles can be overcome with just the right type of attitude how consistent efforts can pay off with rewards that makes you happy.

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A gifted Tarot Card reader, honest and truthful beautiful and delightful with a passion. I do it with a love to heal. Where are you in life? is the right question and confirmation if it is right..and I appreciate every moment of the service.My heart is humble. I want you to know that I’am here… to never lose hope! Always & forever grateful… intuitive with compassion.

Wildhearts let your hearts loveWild πŸ₯°β€οΈ

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keep love and joy in your heart alwaysπŸ’œ

We are Golden and Our Smiles will remain the same Timeless

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