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Daily Dose unexpected

You need to keep your wits about you today and speak to someone who holds more knowledge then you on a situation that is being brought to your attention. This is about logic and reason look at the facts. Queen of swords Aquarius engery or Libra and gemini are involved here.

8 of swords shows someone is trying to silence you. But it is your mind that you feel trapped to and it can be legally binding. This is about money as 8 represent abundance and the lack there is to have it. No seeing a way or but you are the only one who can remove yourself from this. Think on your feet.

10 of wands heavy family responsibilities may be a reason to cause you concerns. Saturn engery in Capricorn meaning drawing up a plan to get your life back in order. Someone is trying to block your abundance. Both cards shows someone is feeling weighted down. But this is a 10 and that means you can be ending this cycle once you master yourself and being accountable for your part and what you need to take care of when it comes to family concerns. Ask for help is the advice stop doing everything by yourself. Delegate your share with others.

Wildhearts this engery is a curve ball design to help you pull on that Aquarius engery think outside the box not to go along and truly find your independence. We are golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless.

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Daily Dose message and advice collective January 22 2020

Removing toxic people from your life is a great way to start to heal. Mending and soothing yourself is so great with the first card. This is also meaning family ties shows a text message or just good thoughts are being sent to you.

Next you need today as an lucky aspect to it as luck favors healing and you have to make the most of this beneficial day.

Coins abundance also says the universe is providing for you and this is true with the ace of pentacle presenting its self you have to make yourself aware of the joy that arrives this simply can mean. Say thank you when you wake up and allow the money to flow to you.

If you like to see if you should make any beneficial steps today and book a reading this is consider an emergency reading the price is more expensive then the rest but you will know what you should do to act our such a lucky opportunity that is coming rather job or love.

The hardest part with most of us wildhearts is we doubt what the devine has already has had in store for us all is a teaching and growing experience to evolve allow me to assist you in growing to greater heights in your life….. always remember we are golden and our smile remain the same timeless.