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Daily Dose unwanted attention August 2019

There are times in a day where you don’t know how to solve a problem and each word that is spoke brings another issue to solve. It this quest to know your self me to find myself I gather the pen and paper to express those things that go unsaid and really think about it’s effect. Is this being spoken for a positive to result, or it’s this being spoken for a negative result. The question remain how do you remove this ?well you do so by writing it down and giving it away to another way of expression. One thing is this pen is for your thoughts lay unwanted attention to rest. Well your life has taken. You to be grateful and the fabulous stories that has touch hearts and we are still suffering from the silents of hurt and pain. Unwanted when tears drips and blood falls who made first unwanted call that slash through the truth of it all. You remain in denial about the love and yet you can not express unwanted rejection that just eject your thoughts and your heart carries its own cross across field on thrown that have been laid before you have you no heart to save what is left damage by the ego unwanted you remain hidden in the shadow that feast off the human existence of hungry need of touch and reality of self love has it way of torturing you from the inside this disease must be ridden of from unwanted attention.

Wildhearts when it is not what was expected it began to eat at your soul until you must be found again let go of the desire to have attention you yourself has already found in your soul you shall that you are more then enough for those who choose to be close to you.

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Daily Dose healing message August 12th 2019

This is funny as the chariot is a major arcana and the expression and having confidence that your wish will be granted 9 of cups self scarification mocked by the 9 of swords doubt and fears. which will you choose to run you life today. Accepting that life is beautiful in it humor to give you a choice to choose this victory and allow someone else to steal you joy is! I cannot allow you to look at like that find soothing things that will help you rest the mental energy required to worry , and find things that will help you to indulge things that with help you express that wonderful side that only if any gets to see what a smile to greet them warming this expression of love hugs honor and intuition is putting you there the hardest part about this day is taken that leap because you have two places to end up mentally exhausted or emotionally celebrating that you trusted yourself enough to fulfill your own needs that people choose to ignore…