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Daily Dose money and financial advice September 12th 2019

So the emotions that will be having you feeling sad and looking down when you should be looking up to an new emotional experience that will be happening for you right before the fullmoon it may be ideal to see what is missing from you life and take your time we have the 5 and 4 of cups all emotions of loss and regrets. When it came to how you handle your money but it is not all lost. As the knight of wands and the king of swords will have you taken swift action and decision to make you money more solid this is an opportunity being presented to you but you may not receive it with you disappointment you have had in the past to the money you been juggle a lot. Some can be saved and rebuild if you able to focus more logic in the situation and take action to start again this is a yes card with precision. This can indicate an decision goes in your favor you was hoping for and yet you doubted it believe as the universe is helping you out at this time look up.

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Daily Dose ♌️ Leo weekly August 22-29 2019

Leo you have to trust your intuition with the high priestess here there are secret and information being hidden or has been hidden that will be revealed to you in the next week.

You may be dealing strongly with a Scorpio who things has ended with and now they are trying to reunite with you.

This is in your position of advantage and you have all you need to know even if it has been shown to trust your feelings.

You may been expecting someone is trying to trap you and you may have even keep yourself bound to a situation or person out of loyalty and that has come to an end once this secret is revealed.

Death is your benefit you have more major arcana then you do court card and the card of message page of wands is in reverse what has not been communicated is your leaving someone or ghosting someone who has been cruel to you. Death levels the playing field and you may morn a lost that was much need for you to grow.

The unexpected is that communication come in and this may be something of news you wasn’t expecting at all but it can work to your advantage. Your next right of action is to learn what you need in within you and know one can give you the answer at this time you must seek out your own advice and wisdom shine your light and remain silent. This also saying probably should move more towards a virgo and away from a Scorpio as well for some.

Why because the moon is the outcome and a Pisces may be your best friend now or you may need a Pisces to keep your secrets there are fears around the move or communication that comes out and the moon conceals more then it reveals however I see this coming out around the virgo full moon and this may be your signal to leave and go keep it quite.

The advice you will be celebrating your strength to overcome this things that has came to the light in your birthday season maybe with someone you use to date a friend the strength is that you are strong and withstand this information. Keep moving forward in silents is the message you have inner strength and that doesn’t has to speak out loud to look and know you are the person who has persevered.

Wildhearts enjoy