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Daily Dose December 7th 2019

Something has left a mark on your heart and you may feel connected to the past and now is the time to send them love and light and respect there wishes to heal on there own terms. The victim mentally must go and there is angelic support around you don’t step in to the role thinking you can help everyone as that is why free will is here. We also have peace serenity and paradise as soon as you realize this you will become whole and balance the Devine masculine engery that you have supportive and strong solid for those who love you 💗 love. Wisdom the understanding come with what you already know. Believe in this as it will lead where you need.

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Daily Dose December 6th 2019

With the 8 of swords and the 9 of swords. It seems the mind will be running in fear and doubts and you have trapped your self somewhere you don’t want to be as the high priestess says there are secrets that are coming out that has been hidden this can be a Gemini or a Scorpio who are worried about secrets that has been gone unknown this is something you know you must walk away from or can see your way out of but not being willing to see the truth will keep you there. This has to due with money and secretly wanting to leave a career that has given you fears has made your stuck as you can’t see there future but must use your intuition on how to move forward this can even be a hidden lover affair at work as well,