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Daily Dose messages for the collective October 19th 2019

We have the justice card with a wish card.

The 9 of wands and there is the 2 of swords you may have felt like there was no way up out of the circumstances you found yourself in but the lesson learned was well earned and a new journey begins by pulling yourself out there and determination is key here. As things will not always be easy and you may have been waiting justice is balance and you have been dealing with an unfair situation it is about to get better.

What more important Wildhearts our heart are fragile when pain has pierced it and we don’t know how it will close but close it will but only threw letting go of what had us hung up on how. Life is a experience meant to be lived the heart is meant to be stroked and the it will flourish with a lot of brightness. Wrong has it own set of time to be corrected. Are you correcting your heart 💜 or has it become bitter from pain. Reexamine your heart place it on the scales and what do it say? There is passion still burning with desire to still go let me know check out a personal reading as things are about to get real good.

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Daily Dose money and financial advice September 12th 2019

So the emotions that will be having you feeling sad and looking down when you should be looking up to an new emotional experience that will be happening for you right before the fullmoon it may be ideal to see what is missing from you life and take your time we have the 5 and 4 of cups all emotions of loss and regrets. When it came to how you handle your money but it is not all lost. As the knight of wands and the king of swords will have you taken swift action and decision to make you money more solid this is an opportunity being presented to you but you may not receive it with you disappointment you have had in the past to the money you been juggle a lot. Some can be saved and rebuild if you able to focus more logic in the situation and take action to start again this is a yes card with precision. This can indicate an decision goes in your favor you was hoping for and yet you doubted it believe as the universe is helping you out at this time look up.