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Daily Dose Scorpio oct 25th 2019 what are you hiding?

The high priestess is showing secrets are being hidden and someone possible another scorpio know what’s going on with a new beginning taking a new leap of faith with the fool card. Taking a leap of faith. 9 of coins is where this personal is very independent able to take care of themself it could be a Virgo.

Is it a virgo you going to hooking up with in secret but there are plans about a new beginnings.

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Daily dose libra oct 25 2019

There ia an offer coming and you may to bored to see it and it can be coming in from a cancer something new and exciting and falling in love this can be a pisces you are meeting and this person may be younger then you.

You mau just realized that is time to stop idealizing love and start a new relationship and holding on to a water sign and move on. As the universe is presenting you woth the ace of 2 wands.