Personal reading involves trust


Please read the terms and conditions.

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This spread will cover should you trust them.

What is the person intention and is there a chance

you will be able to give them a second chance.

This will be a timeframe of 10-15 mins

This will come will advice spread . Your opitions

are, A phone call or a private Uploaded reading on

YouTube. You can click on BookNow schedule a

reading.You can email me or

underThe contact form to provide you details

and Questions. If you choose a private video

upload. Keep in mind you are paying and booking

a Private reading and scheduling your reading to

be done on the day you book it for.  A Example if

you Booked a private reading  for May 6th and

paid on may 3rd 2019.

Your reading will be ready to be viewed by

may 6, 2019. If by phone you will speak to me by

phone.I have included a 5 min grace period to

answer any pending question you have if you

choosen to speak to me , by phone if this is

your Decision. It’s mportant you put your notes in

the The payment section once you make a

payment for a private reading if you choosen

viseo upload by YouTube please clarify your

decision.  This way the most accurate information

is Provided and delievered to you on time!

also with precision and excellent. Thank you for

inquirying about the private Reading with

mswildtarot aka Nisha. I will be

Speaking with you soon, once You BookNow and

Pay for your reading love and light.




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