Tantalizing Sex Tarot Spread


What has you wondering how can I spice up my love life? This will give you all you need in more to heat that area of your bedroom up.

This is very foundation that will help you on your journey


Ā 8 cards spread that will show you where you can reach your intimate goal towards pleasure and desire.

The lesson and skills how to give and recieve and make your self and your parthner so satisfied.

This is a very intimate spread so when you are opening up on a deep level like this.

  1. ImagineĀ  this wonderful expression of love definitely want a parthner that is open to receiving and giving to open your experince beyound what is normal.

Suddenly its is different with passion. they are ready! What have you done. You have just learn how to open the portal to have them.

This is about how to become one and more.

What has been holding you back from grabbing them to move forward with you?Ā 

The time frame for this is spread will be for 20 mins.

Choices you have is a phone reading which is 20 mins.

A PrivateĀ reading with me which is 20 mins private uploaded for your eyes on YouTube.

To do a video with me on WhatsApp same amount of time 20 mins

Email me D@mswildtarot.com if you have any questions.

Check outĀ  the disclourse part and read it. There isĀ  no refund once reading is done ever.

This will explore the sexual arena of your life and requires vulnerability in being deeply in touch with yourself.



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