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Personal Full-moon illuminating reading


500 in stock


Where we will go over the fullmoon will reveal to you. This is all about how you will know what decision to make fullmoon are emotions and has an effect on how you will respond to your life and theme happening around you that are hidden will not ve revealed.

What will inspire you to move forward.

This reading is for 15 mins.

Email me D@mswildtarot.com

Read the disclosure about your reading time frame in what is entails. . NO REFUND EVER

This is meant for entertainment?  Please don’t make any decison based on a reading along get more advice legally, doctor or pyhsically if these are major concerns. Use you own best understanding.

This options you will have will have is to talk to me by phone. My phone reading if go over the time provided you will be charged 5 extra dollars for every 5 mins to speak on the phone.

A phone call with me will be 15 mins.

If you choose to do a video private the uploaded is 15 mins.

Want to see me read the cards on video & chat with me & you have WhatsApp this is also 15 mins.

Please schedule an booking with me in the booking session of my website.

Yes there is a $10.00 fee to book if you choose it this help for people who do need to have that time and space. If you looking for a reading and you want an emergency reading delivered it will Cost $100.00 USD. Within 24 hrs from the payment clearing. No expectation to the rule. Please book with me or email me for you time provided.

to help you get your time and any other question you have answered.

Things that are important for you to list in the email your name.

The type of reading you will like.

The time you would like your reading if booking is not an option.

The information or person or situation your askinv about please be detailed as i will answer you based on information provided. No more no less.

If there are multiple question you have that doesnt cover the reading provided email me.

Fullmoon reading and a love reading are different reading, this will result into two different purchase.

This something to consider when thinking about the answer you would like to know and the quidance you will like to seek.



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