Legal Information

The private reading that are provided here on this website under mswildtarot are meant for entertainment propose only.

This site is for 18 years and older.

You must be able to show proof if your age is to come in question after ordering a private reading.

Ms.wildtarot will not be held accountable for personal information collected if your not over the age of 18 teen, and decision are made and damages are caused. This is to make clear this site Ms.wildtarot is not for no one who is under the age of 18teen years old and can’t not make a legal decision for themself to purschase a private reading.

Lots of service are offerred on this site.This legal information can be updated time to time to stay compliant with the law. This is spirtual advice to help you on your journey.

Please keep in mind these service are not to take the place of doctor or health provide please seek the professional help in those fields. This is meant for entertainment propose only.

Ms.wildtarot has all copy rights to all information that will be place on Ms.wildtarot site and it shall not be shared anywhere else or legal action will be taken. This mean it shall not be shared downloaded on social media given to other person it not meant for. Unless the person who has purchase a private has given permission to share it. the brench of another privacy will call for legal action. These private reading are meant for those who purchased a private readinh. The information provided on this site is not to given to another with out ms.wildtarot premission to do so. If it found out this has occurred legal action will be taken. This is to protect your privacy and Ms.wildtarot business. Thank you for reading and understanding that if these statement are violated more action can be taken against you personally.

Please use your common sense when listening to advice provide, as free will is a choice. Ms.wildtarot will not be held legally responsible for decison made based of advice provide. Legally clearly stated this is meant to confirm what you already feel about your personal situation. Once again

Entertainment proposes Only..

There are no promise made to change your outcome of your circumstance.

These private reading are not meant to take the place of professional like doctors or medically or legally a professional.

This is to inform you, for legal prospose to order a private reading you are agreeing to accept the services to be provided a private reading for such is not to replace your own judgment on any area of your life in question. Please use your own judgment after getting a private reading and service meant as a guide to help you. Thank you for your time and considering a private session.