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Daily Dose virgo monthly December 2019 wishes dreams come true

You have the star card and the justice card and the 2 of wands.

This applies to the sun moon rising and Venus.

With this combination you have made a decision to move forward in your life and it’ is something that will bring you justice that you need when it comes to your life in general if there is healing that is needed you will take the time to heal any situation the inverse is behind you in doing so you will be presented will two different options it’s your choice which door to open.

You may justice find items to make your home beautiful or find the prefect place you will just fall in love with 4 of wands and the 9 of cups wishes will be meet you can be indulgent self satisfied.

But you may have a lot of petty people around you who may or may not like your creative new way of living and this can be Aries that is watching and having petty conversation with you that you really can do with out.

Side note 4 of wands always speaks of a twinflame union are you meeting yours

The out come for the month is beautiful with the ace of coin and the king of pentacle: the page of wands news of a raise a person who is have money this could be good be news

You may have been wondering if business will pick up and it will new clients will come in new opportunities for new money and determination and not given up will be your trump card. This news will make you happy legally it can be with a home matter a legal matter that makes everything feel great and allow you time to relax and heal this can involved a Capricorn a Libra or an Aquarius.

But you have a wonderful December 2019

Enjoy it and don’t allow the nay sayers stop your beautiful glow up blow up build up. Virgo