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Daily Dose May 7th Pisces ” Shocking is only the beginning”

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Pisces Daily Dose August 10th 2019

An Sagittarius has done something that has made you happy they may have offer you an apology but you feel they hold secrets it may even be an Libra or Taurus who has lied about something coming in that could make you happy or liberate you from something that has had you feeling trapped the 8 of swords. Separation is definitely here and also a pregnancy and abundance and growth you may was waiting to see if you or someone else was pregnant or may have felt someone only wanted a baby to trap you and there feeling and love was never true and have called on your angels and this time to remain in control of your emotion and may feel very upset about this. Your dreams has been telling you someone about an cancer is this has been on your mind on what type of mother they are and maybe you judge them harshly without the facts and some of you may want to say sorry and help them more or reveal a secret you have been holding that could made them happy. This could of been about a little boy a sun and waiting for the tides to change.

You have been sad that either you can help this person get out of there emotions of feeling trapped and hoping a door open and they remain determine to complete there goals in life. There is also a secret admiration someone has for a mother as the know she struggle with limited resources.

Wildhearts it hurt to see your family suffer is silent and you can’t do anything but watch them grow stronger in there life and pray for the recovery and victory of situations that are out of the control the most golden thing you can do for them now is just silent support them along there path. Timeless indeed is advice given from someone who truly has your best interest at heart. Keep yours open the understood your intentions was not cruel or evil and at most apologize will make all the differences