Answering $20.00 a question 🙋‍♀️ join in now Click in tapping on this popping Saturday morning 🥰Welcome to wholeness 🥰 Welcome to wholeness 🪄this is a journey to acceptance & peace of the inner temple . Love and light yes My other channel all about magic Light and dark Http;// Check out my tarot decks link My calendar linkContinue reading “Answering $20.00 a question 🙋‍♀️ join in now”

Taurus ♉️ daily dose you figure out the truth and clarity

Welcome back Taurus ♉️ you are beautiful and you will learn that something is being released and a ex is also heart broken you have moved into some else in your life I see someone to have and hold. I see you starting to put money away and getting a yes and it seems toContinue reading “Taurus ♉️ daily dose you figure out the truth and clarity”

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