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Daily Dose love November 18 2019

You may feel that what has been done or what you have done right will not be repaid but it will as the justice card sits with the 6 of cups and strength no matter what you have the power to overcome and become very powerful. You have understood for a very long time that all it takes is a vision and this knowing will allow you to step up into your power and this will make your heart skip a beat when it comes to love. Pride has no place with unconditional love is concern enjoy the protection and justice you receive as you have earned it in a Previous life and it is returning.

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Daily Dose 1-8th weekly message October 2019

A relationshp is what is going on. This is about your relationshp with an establish corporate job where your thinking do you want to still work at this job does it align with your belief and makes you feel comfortable. This js the first message this can be cancer and Taurus envolved here.

The second message someone is married but in love with an cancer or Taurus. Your dealing with an soulmate one is a contractual agreement and one is legally where the person is married but finds comforts with someone else. Has been making concerned at how this will go. .

Next message is that those of you trying to figure out should you take more take more time out for your self and start to become more intune with your spiritual side which you can meet in a spiritual community that you are affiliated with. Earth signs and water signs are strongly involved here. .

Enjoy what you believe a relationship should be build on is being looked at this week. What do you value? Wildheat follow your heart with Pluto about to go direct it all going to make sense in which way you should move and who is beneficial for you.