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Capricorn ♑️ your are essential

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Libra ♎️ heal all herbs 🌿 is here daily dose tarot

This planet is a great planet to use it is consider well for diabetes. And liver issue associated. This is know to cure and prevent cancer as well and as skin condition that may have been concerning you rest and recover as well as rejuvenate should be the theme you be dealing with when it comes to love ❤️ it may be a secrets affair that may come out and you want to be simple about who you are dating nothing fancy. Your intuition will be strong in February 2023 don’t doubt it now it hold some much promise Pisces ♓️ could be effecting you learning reality from fantasy is the real issue you will should thank you 😊 intuition for not leading you to wrong. Time is on your side working with the goddess Arianehod would help you wait what is the rush anyway. A few more weeks someone will either prove how devoted they are to you or not. 3 is a very creative number and beautiful 🤩 see how you can enhance your surroundings

The name of the planet is called prunella vulgar is consider to be a heal all planet can be cooked taken in a tablet. The medicine brought today to help you heal off things that may have you feeling under the weather 🤢 love sick a Leo ♌️ 5 house romance

Prunella Vulgaris self-heal planet

Remember Wildhearts We Are Golden & Our Smiles Will Remain The Same Timeless drop a smile like 👍

This is help you reduce the insulin sensitivity in diabetes and pre diabetes

Also helps with herpes 1-2 outbreaks 😷

You can eat it as a edible use… young leaves are good for this. It’s famous use it to treat cold scores symptoms it helps to stimulate the immune system. Heals wound and skin infections that may be happening. Heart problems are helped

Hemorrhoids can also be treated with this plant 🌱

In the month of February Libra ♎️ there will be a powerful shift in your thinking and how you heal yourself . This may involve a connection with an earth sign Capricorn ♑️ Taurus ♉️ or virgo ♍️ you will decide if they should stay on your life’s . Red would be a great color to work with the Crystal called Carnelian.. it’s has long been associate with healing that will be coming in the month of February 2023 for you it will also help with the sacral and based charkas. If you would like to enhance your creativity this is the stone to do so with restores your

Vitality is being restored. If you been dealing with lower back issues this crystal will help also rheumatism , arthritis, neuralgia,and depression & stimulate your sexual desire . This crystal is oftoften

Is often heated for the full benefits

Welcome to wholeness this is a journey to acceptance & peace of the inner temple

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  • Disclaimer I’m not a doctor this is for entertainment only if you have health issues or concerns, please reach out to a professional and this is a spiritual advice to help you enhance your life

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