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Daily Dose are back enjoy

current mood today is all about relaxing taking it all in. ever wonder why you feeling a bit out of the sort? well its because the fullmoon in scorpio has us feeling this special type of distance and needing to relate is really coming into our minds. the social distance is really weighing in on us and we tend to feel things deeply when Scorpio is here to remind you of what and who you don’t have at your side to be content threw it all. Also it bringing up what you must let go of to truly be happy inside yourself as a person. where things that once put a smile on your face no longer holds the same weight.

thinking as the day goes on what is it i desire and how can these desire bring me more contentment and happiness when was the last time you had a “good ol chuckle to say the” least well you should think about it and consider what it would mean to smile.

what simple pleasure you lost as a child that brought you pleasure? I remember I stop writing because my journey was my passion and it was a way to express deep heartache and pain and to hold my secret little crushes I had. I was such a good feeling to write to one day my mother had decide to read my journey and not only after reading it she choose to tell everyone  else my secrets as well. Can you imagine the pain I felt how long this stuck with me I stop writing for almost 7 years. this that happen when Scorpio is involved tends to stick around us very long.

Be mindful of your feelings and what you desire when it comes to Scorpio and you may long have forgotten about it and now it here knocking at your door to be addressed will you answer the call or will you keep it shut tight for another 1 or maybe even 10 years to come.

wildhearts our hearts bleeds because love is precious and makes us crazy and sane at the same time, yet we question is this love all the time making us even more insane. the truth is only you can make yourself happy everyone around you is a added bonus to the happiness that already exist inside you, sending you love and light peace and happiness. joy and success. Remember We Our Golden and Our Smiles Will Remain the Same Timeless. you are you are….

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Daily Dose 16 April 2020

Well you been waiting for something today it may just show up for you ready for to see something more. This can be coming togather with family and friends a sense of celebration is os happening. We have the 3 of wands and the 3 of cups both having to do with more then one person involved in this coming to renewal reunited and happy and joyous events occurring. The knight of swords shows there can be drama and people be dramatic like a cousin you haven’t seen in a very long time.

Overall the message today seems to be kind with some fast moving object and will disappear quickly so dont let them drag you into unnecessary drama. Hold your own. This can involve debates around religions and your value system. You can agree to disagree about what and who you believe in and simply choose not to engage in the mess that may enter into your environment today. This can be a gemini out right being talked about or it can involve a gemini out right talking about someone. The message is don’t get involved

Wildhearts when you find a moment of happiness and alittle bit of Joy. Dont allow other to snatch it away because they are unfilled you awaited long enough to be happy and you dont need no excuse to smile today.

If its none of things and people I mention above simply put in a movie and watch a drama filled movie that will make you feel happy about the future and enjoy a couple of chuckles you deserve it and it good for the soul.

Most important message is Wildhearts we are golden and out smiles will remain the same timeless.

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