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Daily Dose tarot reading Weekly jan7- 13 2010

9 of swords shows that the collective has anxiety. Which is why you must remember if you have done the work a new connection is coming with your spiritual guides who want you to know you are blessed and wishes are being brought in that will help you to become at peace temperance. Progress will happen with preparation to move beyond your limits. The Sun is here says something is set to make you happy it can be a baby first walk the gender of your baby, learning you are with child. If depression has been hanging over your head the sun say happiness is return and 9 of cups which is emotional fulfillment is all you being happy once again with you yourself. Your ready gor this

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Daily message December 19 2019

This is about you legacy what are you building money can come in but you may feel like love is holding you back from your full potential to achieve your long term plans. This is about getting out your head and going around in circle and actually speaking with the person you care about to bring about those results you will like to achieve in the finical arena. This has Capricorn engery all over it with saturn are you working as hard as you can to do this.