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Daily Dose 12 November 2019

Someone is ready to take a new leap of faith this is the fool represent by Gemini or Aries where trusting that this new beginning will be benefiting you. The devil is here a Capricorn May want a new beginning but this someone toxic that must be released and the healed. You may have to block someone who dis value you as the 7 of wands says there is a lot of people who is fighting you at different angel of just one stand up for what you believe in. A decision will be made this one is a logical one and the heart will have no place here it can be a legal decision or a Libra involved in this law is once again. With the star wishes are granted and healing can begin. Wildhearts Let your heart be free and light

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Daily Dose November 11 2019

The message today is you going to learn the truth about how someone really feel this can be a Scorpio involved expressing this to you but it definitely a day to trust your intuition about matters involving love. The ace of swords is about legal things and paper work that may need to be signed you may buy for more time ace of swords represent the truth and clarity also victory in legal matters. The news you hear will be good not losing faith and worry will definitely help you when it comes to this news. Fullmoon are about release and you can hear your being release from a contract to. Which may give you an opportunity to follow what you truly want and inspire you to go for success a lot of people will be traveling hear good news about traveling and success is happening and with the 8 of wands with the page of wands there is much action that is needed so you can move things along quickly make you you have a lawyer or someone you trust look over any details your going threw twice ok. Wildhearts enjoy the fast movement of today Sagittarius may be involved here as well: