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Daily Dose Cancer May7th Stand Up Fullmoon

Hello cancer how are you doing? well we have the queen of swords coming out and this tells me you not taking no crap and ready to cut people out of your life who doesnt belong to come in so make sure you watch who is around you.

Cancer the Queen of wands tell me that you passion matter and getting them infront of people matter as swell, you can be dealing with a leo or an aquarius that wants your time and you have blocked them with the 7 of wands. Cancer you have what it takes to walk away in victory but it may not be easy the magick trick to use your intution. the knight of cups and this can be a pisces that is watching and giving you advice, what ever is happening you are ready and prepared to go to who you need to get your ducks in a row.

there is an air sign who you question the loyalty and very indepent indeed, cancer you got it going on.

you know what you spouse needs to be happy and a little passion doesnt hurt, you are standing up for those who doesnt have a voice and thank you cancer for doing, this for all of us who voice has been silence.

Wildhearts there comes a time in life where the swords is mighty and your words will lay waste to those who have challenged you as a loving person. Win one for us today and relax tomorrow.

remember you we are Golden and Our Smiles Remain the same timeless.







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