Aries 鈾堬笍 a revolution coming mom July monthly 馃槏

This is when everything changes in a big way it may be because is helping step outside of the normal confines you Venus will retograde from July 22-September 3 rd 2023 this mean no screwing around with beauty products and money and people may not be so Giving be prepared for this

Here comes a breakthrough for you where in friendship you meet a new best friend that love and cherish your mind and a good sense originality will steam from this friendship your thinking 馃 toward the furniture far out and far away when it comes to friendship and different places weird

Capture yours today

You are being encouraged to think about your partnership as well how will they add value to your life think idealist in a prefect aries world what would it look like for someone to be fair and just to you?

Most of all take long journey and travel time a Sagittarius 鈾愶笍 and Libra 鈾庯笍 and Aquarius 鈾掞笍

Will play special rules in shaping your July

Enjoy these new contracts that are coming towards you love in light

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馃グWelcome to wholeness 馃グ

Welcome to wholeness 馃獎this is a journey to acceptance & peace of the inner temple .

Love and light


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