Daily dose 馃挮馃グ馃挆surrender to your imagination

Isis surrender

Celebrated between august 21 to 22

She is a Leo and her name means the throne and she is the queen of all

Pharaohs and she posioned Ra to make her husband or to have Her son Horace she also is known to help kids from poison 鈽狅笍 some poison

She can also upon passing pass her gifts to anyone she chooses

She birthed a nation she is a goddess of healing and magic and she was so good at her magic she could

Speak and predict the date of men and make it so it would happen exactly like that death date and a death dealer and that is why is it is said to power in the tounge can heal

And kill prefection virgo 鈾嶏笍

Prefection flawless victory 鉁岋笍

Daily dose of Reality Is

This real or illusion

What iam I mainfesting in my life love and around my birthdays ot will be a relationship coming I鈥檓 also needing emotional healing I need someone to love and cherish me and treat me like a lady. Does now feel?

Wonderful the communication or lack for

Of lets me know people

Watch me but they do not admire me as

They are afraid of the harsh Sagittarius Engery truth hurts but it heals but in a world

Where people rather deal

With flings the truth does heals us any more

Do it lie to me and tell me how do

They really feel about to say the hate me when I鈥檓 so lovable. So I settle

For The fling the one nighter. Keep exploring the depths of the human psychology and go deeper into what makes people accept anything for love and refusal of call to the soul. What hurts deep? That someone I鈥檓 broken and it鈥檚 pains me to have lost a deal of time with family and loves ones when I could

Really be building my life back and money issue truly something that causes bridges to be broken. And when I try to explain my torment they fall on jealous and envious ears of the collective who has explored my background of unspoken hurt and pain and longing and the lost of the mind that wonder 馃挱

could this have turned out any different people know what it is to be broken and how money effects your life style and what it means to happiness and get the deny the envy the oozing of them life black how lava reading to burn 馃敟 everything thing in its way. How does it make you feel ? Anger out casted left alone and fighting a up kill battle but I a

Shall ascend to the top am sir pass our obstacle in my way once again. Broken lost and without a cause we fight and her with in a blink of an eye it鈥檚 gone. I gracefully bow out of this.

Why you do because I too need someone help.

Sex sells and if you鈥檙e not willing to degrade yourself be ready for people to be angry at you as a beautiful.

Pay attention to those lay down and don鈥檛 say. Something positive pictures

Positivity blessing you skills that shall awaken every moment of why you are more alone in this fight to maintain. But test me universe I shall I鈥檓 ready to be challenged.

Mmm hmmm take that and make use of it what my emotion. Yes paint that on your canvas

So listen to the cranking of my heart everyday it skips a best hoping love will find hrs way inside the cold

Cracks I have yet to heal and make amends with my demons you yarns to be stroked with a touch of danger enough to warn be to slow down and enjoy this life and with passion enough to engulf the whole entire sea creatures we hunger creates of a different needing something to feed us during of lusting hour careful not to get devoured in our dance with our own morality. You see yet you do not understand the misery coming from such desires tamed. Running away on a train to no where lost in a desert with no salvation to quench the thirst of a lost mid a mirror perform tricks infringe upon me shook I take note of the lustful eyes 馃憖 gather around me. Is this a dream or reality ?

How do I surrender to the Dessie to withstand one last time of deep


The star

There will no prisoner pun intended.

What she saying to me speinke me

With your wisdom and I shall grant


Don鈥檛 cry 馃槩 for me ?

Who crying for you

Search light on鈥

A new twist of fate shall present to you.

One wish that shall be granted

Second wish that shall be granted

Thirds wish that shall be granted.

Inferior casting out

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