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Daily dose of magnesium well

What is it good for ?

It鈥檚 used to make things and it help with alloys

Which represents in this content the speed of brilliance and connected to metal as well you may have a break threw when it comes to the heart as this what I got. How to love better yourself and other Aquarius 鈾掞笍 and Pluto will remind us of not being no one鈥檚 fool.

Daily dose of a reminder of what love is truly will help you over come your judgement ways and allow you to see someone from a different point of view which then will Allow You mind to relax

And a good night rest.

It also helps the bones and that rules Capricorn 鈾戯笍 Engery so the right amount of light would be good to so when it comes to make sure you have exactly what you need this would come in handy and what capricorn 鈾戯笍 can be famous for pressuim so you should understand the lack of sunlight in your diet can make you sad.

鈼 It鈥檚 also is a heart condition that rules Leo 鈾岋笍 the heart and a lack of happiness can also make you sick so it would make you strong in spirit and have a healthy amount goodness to add to your life look it up and don鈥檛 take my advice for it and find way to add it to your daily routine like a virgo 鈾嶏笍 and watch how things people or pounds seem to fall away from your worries.

鈼 It burns a brilliant bright flame and this tells me the light workers out here helping heal the collective would work good with this. It really great.

Welcome to wholeness 馃獎this is a journey to acceptance & peace of the inner temple .

Love and light

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