Scorpio 鈾忥笍 forgiveness second chances 猸愶笍馃帀 month of December 2022

Welcome back Scorpio how are you doing ? Hope you are well a fine you seem to be looking back over the family issue and seeing if someone loves you and if they are worth your time you can be dealing with a Capricorn 鈾戯笍 and this also can be you looking at a job and should you walk away from it all 8 of cups is crowning your reading and it tells me in December you are using Jacob latter when it done you won鈥檛 look back and someone who abandon you will be coming back and someone is willing to forgive you

I feel like you don鈥檛 trust someone and you feel like they are hiding something this is a Pisces 鈾擄笍 or a cancer 鈾嬶笍 or someone mother is a very sneaky energy in the month of December that makes you question the way someone moves

At the end of the month you have new love and love news coming that would put a big smile 馃槉 on your face馃槂. someone fall in love and renew your vows

Welcome to wholeness this is a journey to acceptance & peace of the inner temple

Remember Wildhearts We Are Golden & Our Smiles Will Remain The Same Timeless

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