Pisces ♓️ ready or not change is happening

Welcome back so you have Uranus here to blast away all the excuses of why your work out plan or daily schedule isn’t working anymore. It’s just maybe time to get out of your own way and make way for some good healing ❤️‍🩹 have you been feeling low on love ❤️ well that will change

You maybe 🤔 thinking on how a certain outcome may play out in a legal situation I believe you will be surprised 😮 a Libra ♎️ could be behind on how this all unfold. This may be a good thing as well 7th house 🏡 your health may be something worth exploring more liquids will be beneficial drinking more juice 🥤.

You also may see an increase in you social status and more followers a Leo ♌️ may be delighted 😀 to hear from you or you then somethings excellent is showing up for you and this all about how you entertain

Welcome to wholeness this is a journey to acceptance & peace of the inner temple

Remember Wildhearts We Are Golden & Our Smiles Will Remain The Same Timeless

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