Leo ♌️ You drive me crazy

The kiss of death is a lonely one slow and painful to the bitter end is how someone is feeling as every fiber inside their bones makes it hard for them to resist the change that has occurred inside this relationship.

Every wish beings with a ending and a new start and this is is exactly what is happening and exchange for happiness & the sorrow that has gone long past it’s expiration date. This is the Engery surrounding your life the ending is only the beginning.

A wish is granted the type that change your life forever nothing was never the same after this incident. You can be dealing with a Scorpio ♏️ or a Pisces who every this disillusionment has been broken now that you have the truth what will you have your cake and eat it too. It your world

Have your way becareful with me…

Major karmic ending

Welcome to wholeness this is a journey to acceptance & peace of the inner temple

Remember Wildhearts We Are Golden & Our Smiles Will Remain The Same Timeless

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