Daily Dose justice karma is delivery swiftly

Where a situation with the heart and the logic mind what will it be when it comes to love and happiness. We really want to know is it fair and have you weighed all the pros and cons in your life

Libra ♎️ rules over relating with other but also the 7th house of business partners and life partners and also open enemies. So today are you battling with your heart and the opposite of Libra is aries ♈️ you can see the dilemma with why the karma surrounding your heart ❤️. Making a fair decision isn’t always so easy and they say judges have it is easy.

Pun indeed now we see what is at play this week Engery wise. The Sun is in virgo ♍️ making us obsessed with the detail’s it makes it hard to build a relationship when you need to know everything and being control with thoughts about what ifs can make life crazy. Relaxing is what the Pisces ♓️ Pull wanted us to do get into a more easy state of mind even fantasize about the prefect relationship and what it may feel like less pressure

The karma here is balance finding the sweet spot

Life reminds with fullMoon why and how we got here and what is important to release and have we been so rigid with ourselves and other we lost our ability to dream?

Remember Wildhearts we are Golden and our smiles remain same timeless

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