Mswildtarot Daily Dose messages Dear Ex Mom Kiss 💋 My Fat…. Hello let’s begin

Dear Ex Mom Kiss 💋 My Fat…. Hello let’s begin

r’s. Do you agree? It’s okay if you don’t work with. Me for a moment, I can’t stand my ex mother over dramatize everything and then play the victims role. I look at myself . Perhaps I have changed and it hasn’t been a changed I realized until I outgrow things that really is petty and very immature of me and this is why I now realize the measure of mental health service that go unnoticed and neglected because we have build a world around what is your life looking life and how can I life hack your lifestyle. I realized moving on from my ex that I hated his mother and now I have came up with a season that is called dear ex mom. – I hate you…. Series where characters are going to be engaging and going threw different level of difficulty to keep the peace with a ex lover friend who remain in contract and the ex mom is a monster from hell she devil and a splinter that hates the friendship inspired by real life events.

whilw sleeping in my slumber I just kept repeating the hate and what better way to live out the hurt and Agony through writing scripting and acting. Now this clown of a woman and yes she was has always management to screw up a holiday for me & my ex lover/ now friend every damn holidays mainly her Latest petty hit was Valentine’s Day. Because she unhappily married and really unpleasant person. No one be wiser I see with cat eyes 👀 how she speaks and looks and lurks on my social media page nervous the tell shall be revealed and it yet it will be and you will laugh and chuckle and rub your stomach with good food and laughter reminding your dear ex mom in law. Can I say it was bad all the time no. But the critical moments hits hard and fast and home run it was and I was 3 strokes your out on her…

Moving on and experiencing my life I begin what it felt like not to have someone around who couldn’t make his or her own decision without family input. This is more of a story of a Narcissistic ex mother, however we be modest and give her the title of dear ex mom… do I need say more when was the last time you have congratulated someone of their success in life… I really like to know… they all watch and yet when the see the smile it provokes envy inside their 🥰 hearts.

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