Great news 馃摪 coming in get excited

Page of wands is all about creating that spark it鈥檚 like remember how it was to get something you really wanted and put the smile back on your face. Even as adults we have a hard connecting to our inner selves. Only if I get this job my life will be okay I just need that yes and then I can exhale 馃槷鈥嶐煉.


It is in these very moment spirit is asking you what happened when you was bored as a child? Your imagination kick in and start to create your fantasy world. You lived in that world brought people in and even shared secrets to the extent of your imagination or friends you had when you did this. Here the issue when explaining to people your dreams can generate money they don鈥檛 believe as I need this now. And getting it all set it too hard.

How easy was it for you to ask for help when you was young ? before terror or the world shaped your thoughts & mind into failure. You may have believe you can fly until your mom said you will bump your head or failure set in. It is only threw failure we find success mistakes are truly teacher child was the first lesson how to be fearless and never give up. The page of wands which represents fire signs aries Leo and Sagittarius is all about spirit so let yours guide you and it showed up today with the 5 of swords which is Aquarius 鈾掞笍 Engery which representation of a mighty foe. Someone who is willing do what ever it takes to get their fair share of the pie, even if they take yours and drop your slice on the floor to just win and watch you run away and go cry to mom. Look a what big brother did to me.

This also invites inside to fight for your piece of the pie mom or dad may be to busy to litigate the issue how would you handle the problem now. This is revenge on a whole different level. By now you have to options walk away, yes you can do that or stand up for your self and tell the bully to back away from what鈥檚 yours. To do it better. You have the space and opportunity and even get even with this person and even be cruel will you run hot boiling water and scar them for life that scar on lion king when he killed Simba father Mufasa.

We all have choices you can make yours a good 馃槉 choice or a bad one.

The moral to the story is make sounds and sing with your heart and remember what is feels to just anticipate good news and victory and also never count yourself out, as the page of ones is a cards of experiencing your creativity and enjoying the process so good news for you and get news to all.

Wildhearts life is ever changing and sometimes we need to be aware of our lives in a way that we don鈥檛 lose the spark of living the journey as it has it effects on us hopefully you have made a changed that brings you a smile and even let the energy rub off on someone else. As the saying goes what are you laughing at as I will like to join in too. Remember Wildhearts we are golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless. Like to book a personal reading check out the service I offer and here the link if you like to support me. Don鈥檛 forget to follow me on my social media @queennisha$mswildlove

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