Mswildtarot Daily Dose messages Welcome 馃 get to know me Nisha 鉂わ笍Mswild 鉂わ笍

Welcome 馃 get to know me Nisha 鉂わ笍Mswild 鉂わ笍

GoDiamond 馃拵 rare diamond only diamonds

Let me drop a jewel to be glazed at it in a Kaleidoscope moments for you Tasteless favoring hand as it moves Leon the card capture those symbols we also minus every day to see yet be misled every day let me bring clarity where days & night only brought fear.

you must admit such not your typical tea but it will do. Can I dig deep ?will you allow me to penetrate ?for only by penetrating can you truly understand the depths of my soul crush beneath the ocean where the pressure is too cold.

long and deep this liar I lay in love. Kiss my cruelty change my kindness my stole a different story but my life still made whole.

Who is Nisha? why did you choose mswildtarot

As a name. Imagine in your wildest dream this

Vision could be yours and this life is simply not to be lived but gained in many

Perceptions that challenge the mind to go deeper. Which every hint it It develops a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life. Will you be caution with its Engery is meant to change your stance. Challenge your core and balance your whole being The occult I鈥檓 mean. The things hidden in plan sight. Blink and it may be d茅j脿 vu again. I鈥檃m me Mswild untamed and uncharacteristically unique & whole & i鈥檃m complete. I allow myself to be cracked up only to healed fully if you allow me? I can take you further then you ever been. Breaking the sight barrel right in front of you, as you realize it is not our limits that we grow, but by choice our Blindness to see what has not yet been developed in plain sight. Gag tag then we dive deeper. Deposing what we fear and yet we are intrigued indeed. In time as you listed to me speak on many of all my social media I was born to be wild.. with a taste of quirkiness to help ease your pain. Bring laughter to a shadow concept. Can鈥檛 you see that you a whole the whole time even in dark places . Wholeness is unto the behold who Chooses to be one of integrity. In plain sight we hide How to put the pieces back together Chrome wings meaning heaviness is the ultimate goal we must make Deceased inside our life.

Welcome to mswildlove blog where wild & wild is wonderful weight words that Brench press pass common law of thought and gain insight into the horrors hidden from me dare to dive in deep with me again stay tuned for another diamond 馃拵 catching post. Crafted to be great I just showed up late ding dong answer the mail. You have a friend is Nisha and I just arrived at your door steps today to drop another wonder jewel 馃拵 to be discovered by you.

Wildhearts we are golden and our smile will remain the same timeless you are !!! Now life can get crazy but once you realize happiness starts with you in the journey it starts to get better let鈥檚 walk and talk together im listening are you ?

If you like to book a personal reading with my all link are attached to and if you every like to support my blog and business a donation is appropriate as well love & light. Find your name enjoy your moments in life truly they are a blessing to us even in the darkness

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