Today is about taking a moment and remember that you matter too. Time to take a moment and see how far along you have come as it will be the very essence of who you are that will allow you to move forward.

We often hear this term and it more direct to woman and what they will or will not accept in life or from a man. However it should be applied to life when we start to lose touch with what we deserve we begin to feel guilty. Ask yourself have you become bitter from what you lack and not Appreciative of what your have. This is the terms that lets us really consider ourself first. We here self care and that is. Subject for another day.

Worthiness however is what we place on ourselves and the price tag that is attached to it. And are you selling yourself short. This can be in the form of a job lacking the confidence to ask for more money. And having the need to wait it out.

Wildhearts if you signed up to receive email from me and notification of my post today. Life doesn’t always guide to think of our worth no more then we think of food. Lol… that was meant to make you laugh. Life tends to slam us and grill us and bake us until we say enough. Have you reached the boiling point yet? Or are you still cooking. I feel it’s a cool thing to know your value man or woman. I admire you and yes you should asl for more and ask that perks on or that boos to acknowledge your greatness. Loving you so more Nisha 🥰😘 MSWILD Tarot out laugh 😂

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