Mswildtarot Daily Dose messages Daily dose 11/29/2021

Daily dose 11/29/2021

Moment of our lives we always thinking what should I do next? In these time we must listen to out heart when it comes to love ❤️

The Sun is ruled by Leo and Leo is all about the heart and loyal and what has it been that you been feeling the lack of? When it comes to being playing and looking for things to hunt out and enjoy.

As the big kitty likes to do when idle times is not your friend find a friend to hang out with and get creative like an puppet show.

Wholeness is the game are you whole?

Wildhearts at time we must realize that being whole is more then just being apart of something. It’s the courage to love even when it hurts and to laugh even when we feel like crying let yours out today.

Tarot love