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It’s deadly & hover deep inside envy

Is it wrong to want to taste of something someone else would consider to be any thing but tasteful. Is it wrong that when you feel jealousy reach up inside you and say it’s unfair your a hater. What is wrong is most people feel all those bad thing more it’s just I spoke. Is it wrong to look and judge and have all the most horrible thoughts and say oh well I’m just human. People paint spirituality in the fantasy world of things made easy to cope with the harsh fact of reality we all will die and the best selling book and gifts out there is the help us live long and be grateful and yet when living up to all the standards fell we have the create of fantasy even more because at the end of the day we all doom to die and the most harsh reality is to never mention as tears fall and angry and hate spur around. Is it wrong to be so matter of fact that we destroy dreams to make our real and lie to create our reality and say it okay with a drink and drugs. We are living so fast 💨 whoosh that everything is in a pill. Choose your position of how you will like us to deliver it blow death. But it Metaphorically something that is just that I what even. Stranger to me is people look like what they hide demons and when someone shows up bright they are blinded and when someone shows up grounded they are flooded. Is it wrong to see all flaws and realize there is still no chance for the weak. The fantasy created and a sweet caress to help us manage like unthinkable things that happen and say I was done dirty and still made it out but we are all living a human experience and we will all not make it out alive in spirit. The rules of engagement are flawed but just like the humans we are it’s fine. Is it strange to look at someone and instantly disapprove of them just by the it’s the very fabric of distain in the context of the color the skin that makes us reconsider our investment in something that you will give hope some of see deeper then paper have you wet it watch the blue lines that was once printed on prefect fade. That is human nature peeling back the ugliest truth hurts us reversing it doesn’t make it any better either. Because what we really want no matter how lonely and sad and strong and arrogant we are is to feel included and feeling Superior isn’t any different. So I ask you to examine your reaction to people and draw on it you may your internal pain to feel Vindicated validated kissed by death 💀 the experience will change you. We have the luxury of forgetting amnesia some of the most grave things that have occurred to us. Yet when envy come up it’s consider ugly why? I ask you because it the lust of another property that makes us tense up. How would then you express it and tame it and is it really a disease or the natural unfairness of rich and poor.