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Daily Dose October 14 2020 REWIND AND REVIEW

The change of the world has changed how we do things and now that mercury has went retrograde now we have alot to think about and this is a prefect time to review projects and see if they still fit into the picture we have been doing for ourselves.

let it be big and let it change our minds and change how we interact with the world this like a ace of wand moment where the passion that has left us is now still rumbling below the surface and wanting a release that we dont give it a credit to release the pressure that build up in the heat of nothing happening,

what is in your life that has stopped you from doing what is needed to get to the next step in life. Can you rewind that has been written or is it now time to go on and do what has be hard to release and move on from is the emotions holding you back and have that break through gave you enough time to move out of your own way and walk upright and one leg in front of the other. listen and apply the lesson today, as you need time to relax.

remember wild hearts we are Golden and our smiles are timeless and will remain the same always and forever timeless and unchanged by time but graced by the love of the universe.


Thank you wildhearts love and light

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