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♋️ Cancer weekly love tarot and advice October 12-19 2020

Leo engery cusp you did it

What does it feel like when battling and going in hard has final shown it head for you to taste it victory and that the blood sweat and tears brings tears to you because you deserve every single crown and praise you get this week and it only will be getting better. Dont give up and stand up and be counted and winning pride success and people see you succeeding and you can 😊 smile because the universe hasnt been nice or kind to you.

Who has captured your heart this week?

Well if the feeling is mutal then you are floating on cloud nine as not only success follow so does love for you dear cancer enjoy

Devine message coming in

Spirit has a way sending us messages that we just dismisses when you can see results well this week you will understand the message they are sending you… because you will be tapped in and turned on… your prayers has been answered allow yourself to receive.

Wildhearts we are golden and our smiles will remain same the Timeless…❤️😊🙏 Dont forget to check my website out for a private reading with me and donations a

Thank you wildhearts love and light

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