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Join and Learn spells magick

What you’ll need:

* 7 Candles

* 7 Ribbons

* 7 Flowers (whatever you favorite type is…)

The candles and ribbons should be of the following colors…

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

These are in a very specific order, and it’s important to follow the “order” of the colors above.

STEP 1: Tie each candle at the base with its matching colored ribbon.

STEP 2: In 7 different areas of your room, place place one candle with a flower in a stem vase, to make a simple yet colorful small altar.

STEP 3: Open all the windows in the room, and ask for nature’s blessings: promise to honor nature more attentively in the future, by leaving out crumbs for the birds, growing more plants and flowers, not killing creatures who come inside and recycling as much as you can for the sake of the environment.

STEP 4: Also, promise to try to smile more and not to criticize others… to be an even better person than you already are. (We ALL have room for improvement).

STEP 5: Light your candles in the order of the Rainbow colors (as above) and feel the color of each light burning into you.

STEP 6: Sit in the middle of the room and surround yourself mentally with the swirling light of every color.

STEP 7: After 7 minutes, exactly, extinguish the candles and untie the ribbons.

STEP 8: Wind the ribbons into a tidy braid.

STEP 9: Keep this braid with you for the next 7 days…and always keep it in a special place forever more.

As long as you have it, you’ll feel joy, happiness, hope…and you’ll never lose sight of what a wonderful person you are.

Thank you wildhearts love and light

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