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Daily dose teasing Me July 20 2020

I’m hearing today but nobody out work you there’s a fire sign in the myth that has a go at hand and they’re going to get the job done called him Super Dad but this is someone who is a leader a businessman a mover and a Shaker with the king of Wands showing up he knows what he want okay and what is going on here if someone is going to help you fan the creativity get that enthusiasm go and monitor the whole situation okay and we have conflicting energy because that’s what somebody offering you the benefit is to really go with them with the hermit card this could be a Leo or this could be a Virgo but wise wisdom all right also the Firesign may feel that it’s danger close to you and that you may need to protect your kids this is a warning so she was the fibrous or showing up which represents Aquarius energy and Illusions okay so somewhere may act like they have your best intention but they really have ill intentions this needs to really be considered before you allow anyone close to your home or family I hope this help you sending you love and joy and protect your loved ones all the time thank you like this follow me support me learn TerTarot.