A day at a time

Work it daily

Lord i never know where life is going to lead me. From happy moments to misery, to picking myself up all over again trying again. I believe in you lord. Tho my nights are filled with terror and fear, but you lord said my child i did not give you the spirit of fear. I trust in you lord even when my eyes can not see. Im grateful for you lord to have retained a piece of sanity. I cherish my moments blissful happiness although the rain comes only to wash my sins away. To began a new day of joy and sunlight. We lose a bit of ourself in this world so bitter cant u see. Everyday trying to figure out right from wrong scared to give unconditional love because the heart dies a thousand times when hurt.  May we believe there is still good in mankind by our deeds. If only a compassionate smile can light the day with understanding that gleam far and beyond. To be enlighten on the choices we make the effect and ripples the cause in our dear ones life. To understand change mean better to choose to embrace im not prefect but worth it. KEEP ON WORKING ON ME!

Tarot love