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Daily Dose May7th LIbra “A Heavy LOVE”

Hello Libra this is a day where you may become very obessed or an capricorn may become very obessed with you, the first Card out is the Devil. this card showing up First is hard and this is a bond hard to pull away from and you almost feel like its your duty to help this person out of all there issue they have. you may be suffering in silents and not being able to expressed the amount of stress and pressure this person or fire sign Leo, sagittarius, Aries has reallu got a hold on you.

Now libra if this is not your engery then this person has so much love for you that they can not imagine there life without you this cancer thinks the world of you and they are tired and need help now the 10 wands tells me you and your spouse may have many family members depending on you.ย  this is your soulmate 2 of cups is here, and if your singles it shows me you are realzing who you truly do love and how much you willing to do to keep this person you love.

As love knows no bond you are in this for the long run now this cancer or you can be feeling a deep lost of this connection you once had as the 4 of cups tells me you or this cancer have your head down, you actually can renew the love and yet you nothing the love is felt even in silents.

wildhearts even the heaviest heart needs a break and when there is none in sight the bond becomes strained because no one wants to speak up. now is the time to speak up reach out and let someone share in on your pain, libra you are the sign who knows how to relate to everyone issue and problem now is the day at this fullmoon to allow someone to share in on your pain,

Remember we are Golden and Our smiles Will Remain the Same Timeless..

YOu are