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Daily Dose april 15 2020

Measage and ideals will come in quick and if you in business for working for yourself the time is now to really put those ideals out there the emperor is a stable energy yet he asking you where have you falling and need to pick yourself back up and dust yourself off again. This is also an aries engery and can speaking directly at an aries personality. Also you may get a message from your father about needing help from you and he may have the prefect ideal to help you fall in love with a creative artistic endeavor you been looking to do

The world can use something beautiful right now. Do you paint? And have a love to photograph your environment and catch the little things we miss and make it your own well this very well may be that day you get a dose of daily inspiration to do it

Wildhearts only when you can truly set your heart from from restrictions can you truly feel alive and involved. What or who has held you back from busting out with a creative flair. This can even speak of an authority figure who has been holding you back may that be your dad or your boss and its time for you to fall in love with what you do no matter the outcome. Your ideals can bring people to be empowered and set into there own light and shine bright

This is also about not losing faith and those things in a time where the world is in quarantine. We need those who can still sprinkle magick and laughter if only threw a picture that it is not all doom and gloom. Don’t let what is happening stop you from perusing those goals you long dreamed of.

Wildhearts remember we are golden and out smile will remain the same timeless. If you like to book a private reading with me and learn more about yourself check out the section on my website where I offer magick and birthcharts and personal reading for you.