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Daily Dose tarot reading april 10th 2020

We have Sophia ( devine wisdom) when praying for things to work out in your life you are giving your worries to a higher source and having faith is what you need to believe before you see results is what this card is speaking about. So what have you been praying for know that it is coming like say you lool at the clock and see 444 is your angels are near and surrounding you and helping you be easy and worry free

Now when you have realized this it will open door if by magic to a great opportunity to happen in your life. Dont disregard what you hear or know.

Now wildhearts when we are wishing for great things to happen doubts slips in. You know with faith in the outcome before it has occurred matters. So believe in your dreams and believe in yourself. Take care of yourself and love ones.

Remember we are Golden and our smiles will remain the same timeless.

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